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  1. Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    We have had Lyko since he was a 12 week old puppy and he is a wonderful dog 90% of the time. He loves the comforts of life including couches, beds, and as many pillows as he can rest on. He is a truly loving dog to his people (as most germans are) but isn't as comfortable with strangers and is...
  2. General Behavior
    Admins can you remove this thread? I think I found an adopter. Thank you all for your help and comments.
  3. Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    Hi, my name is Luna and my birthday is January 8, 2019 making me just under 3 years and old. I am looking for my forever home. My current family cannot keep me due to unforeseen some personal issues – they are extremely sad to see me leave so they are very committed to finding me the best home...
  4. Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    Hello everyone I just joined this forum to help this family find a new home for their 11month old German Shepherd. I would love to take him but unfortunately I have two small dogs of my own, a cat and a bunny so I do not have room for him. I would love to see him go to a home that is familiar...
  5. General Information
    Hey guys! I’m new to this group and going through a dilemma. My three-year-old German Shepherd Dakota is very special to me. But because of my job and because of her aggression issues she hast to stay in a bedroom by herself for 13 hours a day most of the time. I have roommates who have dogs...
  6. Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    It breaks my heart to have to post this...I have to rehome my all black 9 month old male GSD. I am located in Colorado. He has all of his shots up to date. He does bark at people he doesn’t know but he does not ever try to harm anyone, he is the sweetest boy. He is my baby so I want him to go to...
1-6 of 6 Results