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  1. Puppy Behavior
    Hello everyone, I have a 6 month old DDR Czech shepherd. His name is Barry and he is dark sable and absolutely beautiful, he turns heads everywhere he goes! We got him at 8 weeks old and he was 6.8kg, he was 6 months old on 31.1.21 and is 39.7kg now! I have spared no expense on him and...
  2. Braggs!!!
    So, my dog, Snowy, is going to be a year old this Sunday. I do off leash hikes with him every day and he's been pretty good about his recall, but not perfect. However, today, there were LOTS of squirrels on the trail and he was having a blast chasing them up trees... I decided to test his recall...
  3. Food/treat recalls
    The quality of our products and the health of pets is paramount. As part of our ongoing quality control processes, we have discovered an issue with specific batches of Black Hawk that were manufactured last year, resulting in mould developing in some products. To date we have had no reports of...
1-3 of 3 Results