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  1. New GSD/Raw Diet owner Question

    B.A.R.F./Raw Feeding
    Hey friends! I just got my first dog (ever), and decided to go with all black czechoslovakian line working German Shepard. I did a good amount of research on the raw diet (specifically Barf). I transitioned "Doc" as soon as I got him from the breeder at 8 weeks. He did great!, transitioned in...
  2. 15 month old only eats once a day!!

    B.A.R.F./Raw Feeding
    Wud up to all, My 15 months old GSD is only eating once a day. He’s on a raw diet of chicken quarters, beef liver, chicken heart, ground beef and chicken feet. When I first started the raw diet he ate twice a day now he just sniffs the food in the morning and walks away. He will eat about 1.5...