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  1. Finding the Right Puppy
    Hello everyone I'm getting this German shepherd puppy. Can someone please identify if it's a purebred German shepherd or not. Plz someone help Parents pic also attached
  2. Health Issues
    Hello everyone. My female GSD puppy is turning 3 months next week and she’s only around 4.5kg. She’s a picky eater but she eats pretty well. Her ribs don’t show and is very energetic, but is alarmingly small. I’m wondering if this is a health issue, genetic thing, or maybe not purebred? Let me...
  3. General Puppy Stuff
    So i bought a puppy. He is 1 month and 10 days old. And both ears are lifted up. And his paw is about 3 of my fingers. So from the guy i bought he told me that he is 1 month and 10 days old and double coat. So i dont know much about gsd puppy. So kindly guide its normal for 1 month gsd puppy to...
1-3 of 3 Results