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  1. Puppy keeps barking at my child

    General Puppy Stuff
    We just got a GSD. He’s 8wks old. I have a five year old daughter. This is her first pet. He keeps barking at her whenever she comes near him. She is convinced he hates her. How do I help them become best friends?
  2. Blackthorn's Cerberus TKN

    At 15 weeks of age, Asher (Blackthorn's Cerberus) and I earned his AKC TKN title.
  3. underweight 6 month old rescue with diarrhea.

    Feeding Our Puppy
    We picked him up Sunday severely underweight (10kg) and was told he had explosive diarrhea all morning. This only happened once when we got him home and fed him boiled chicken and rice straight away. We have been feeding him this since and his stool was getting firmer, tried adding dry food...
  4. Is my puppy full GSD ?

    The Breed Standard
    I got Kaleis from a shelter(3months)and he was listed down a GSD and I kinda believe he is full gsd but I’m not 100% because of his ears and his general size he is 7months according to the birthdate they had listed (2/28/20) and sitting at about 50pounds; he’s on the leaner side but I just want...
  5. Antisocial 3 month old rescue

    Development & Socialization
    Hey folks, just found this community and looking for some advice.. My girlfriend and I just got a 3 mo, most likely Dutch Shepard that we are fostering. We got her 60hrs ago as of this posting. She comes from a pretty rough area of the country, (many of the fosters are street dogs, although...
  6. My 11 month old totally impressed me today

    He just turned 11 months. I am trying to introduce him to as many situations as possible. I want a dog that can go with me pretty much everywhere. So today we met a friend at Starbucks at the outdoor mall. We walked around the mall with him for a few minutes (masks on, socially distancing)...
  7. Pupper update

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    I haven't posted on here in a few weeks but Kvasir is doing great now over 3 months old. He's a bit cheeky with some talk back but he still quickly responds to commands except for when he decides to steal the dustpan to run through the house with it even when told leave it lol. We've mostly been...
  8. Dry food recommendation?

    Diet & Nutrition
    Hi there, this is my first post here and I know you must get this a lot,but I need some food recommendations. A little background, we (me and my family) have a 6-month-old german shepherd pup that is currently on Pure Balance as a temporary food (until we get enough money). We've been switching...
  9. Unique German Shepherd!

    General Puppy Stuff
    his name is Mikey! He has a blend of tan, brown, black, and white fur coat! Both of his parents were Pure breeds. His sister is all white with one black spot! He is 19 weeks old, 42 pounds and 20 inches!
  10. UK raw suppliers

    Puppies/Raw Diets
    Hi, We are bringing our pup home in 3 weeks, and would like to continue feeding her raw. She is on a mix of puppy biscuits and nature's menu raw food at the moment. I've got a few questions if you guys wouldn't mind helping, please? 1) Can anyone recommend a good UK supplier which will help...
  11. Question about GSD attachment

    General Behavior
    Hi all, I'm soon to be a owner of my first GSD and I had a question I was hoping some of you guys may be able to provide some insight into for me. So my friend's GSD had puppies and he is giving them to people he trusts that will provide them good homes, me being one of them. Currently, he has...
  12. Help! Puppy (6 months) barks excessively in the evenings

    Training Our Puppy (basic)
    Hi all, We have a 6 month old german shepherd puppy. Ever since she was around 4 months old she started barking in the evenings and it's getting worse as she gets older. During the day she is fine, but once it starts getting dark at night, she starts guarding the windows and barks at literally...
  13. 6mo’s saddle/back pigment fading fast. Need advice

    General Puppy Stuff
    My 6mo Black and Tan Kaiser has a saddle the seems to be fading very quickly — 10 days ago there wasn’t any tan in his over coat now he’s grown huge red/tan Is this normal? Will his saddle return or do you think he’ll be faded? He is on BB LBP food and has been for about a month. Before than I...
  14. Puppy aggression towards other smaller puppy

    Puppy Behavior
    My 7 month old female German shepherd mix is such a sweetheart and she normally loves playing with other dogs. She’s mostly had interactions with other female puppies and today she met a much younger and smaller male Australian Shepherd puppy. She immediately started growling and looked like she...
  15. Hi everyone! New puppy and some questions 💛

    General Puppy Stuff
    Hello everyone! I’ve been reading the helpful entries on this forum for awhile now as I’ve been preparing to get my first gsd since March! He will eventually be my assistance dog (professional training, not my own) but has already done wonderful with simple training and knows to sit, look at me...
  16. Got her breed results

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    The results shocked me!! I definitely thought gsd, lab, and ace but would never have guessed the rest.
  17. Kvasir is home!

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    We picked up Kvasir (Ivan Kalee Lodge) today 🥰 at 8 weeks old he's already letting us know when he wants to go out to the toilet
  18. What’s her breeds?

    General Information
    What do you think this puppy is mixed with? She definitely has some shepherd in her. Maybe border collie? She has herding instincts and high prey drive. Loves to chase my cats. She also can be protective but too friendly with people. Loves water. Doesn’t tolerate the heat well. Maybe even some...
  19. What should I feed my puppy

    Feeding Our Puppy
    I’ve been feeding my puppy farmina which she hated and have been transitioning her to Purina pro plan. She kind of likes it but not crazy for it. I have been adding toppers to get her to eat like an egg, wet food, and goats milk rotating. Rarely she’ll eat it plain. She is a 3.5 month old...
  20. Does my GSD Male weigh too light?

    General Puppy Stuff
    I picked my pup up at 7 weeks. He is now on week 8 (8/20/2020) and weighed in at 7lbs. Mind you, i weighed him by jumping on my scale without him and then checking how much it shows with me holding him. Should i be concerned? I have seen many forums and what not that says Males weigh more around...