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  1. Experience with Capriole Farm

    Finding the Right Puppy
    Has anyone here had recent experience with Capriole Farm out of Pennsylvania?
  2. GSD mix puppy floppy ears

    Ears Up??????
    My almost 6 month GSD mix’s (50% GSD, 50% mutt) ears have been taped using Breathe Right nasal strips for almost a month and a half. Her ears look great when using two strips per ear, but we’ve been using eyelash glue as adhesive, and the strips don’t stay on for more that two or three days. The...
  3. Puppy won’t gain weight!

    Health Issues
    My 8 month old GSD has slimmed down considerably over the last month and a half, we’ve gotten blood tests done, tested for EPI, re-dewormed incase of a parasite, changed foods, added additional calories to meals all without any results. Has any one else had issues with their pup not putting on...
  4. DNA test weight prediction

    Development & Socialization
    Hi! I have a 5 1/2 month GSD mix. She is 50% GSD. Her other breeds include American Pit Bull Terrier, Border Collie, Chow, Rottweiler, and “Supermutt.” She currently weighs 39 pounds. The Embark test predicts her adult weight to be 41 pounds (they boast 85% accuracy). This just doesn’t seem...
  5. Hello GSD Fam 👋🏻 QUESTION: Should We Go with Working Line or Show?

    Introductions & Welcome Mat
    Hello everyone! Very happy to be a part of this awesome community... we are Brian & Haley - and currently, we're looking for a GSD pup :) That said, we're more on the 'relaxed' side, and don't want a GSD that will be very destructive, or super high energy. Now, I understand FULLY that GSD...
  6. Dog park incident with puppy

    General Puppy Stuff
    I just wanted to share this story to vent a little bit and also potentially warn other owners here about public dog parks. For starters, just don't go to them. Even if the people there have good intentions, they're often unable or unwilling to control their dogs if something happens. Today I...
  7. How did your GSD react to a new puppy?

    General Information
    I am adding a second dog (female puppy, 8 weeks) and anxious my male (3 year old, neutered) will not take to her as he is used to being the only dog. In the past he has always shown interest and been sweet to puppies, but I can't help but worry he will be jealous? I am hoping his instincts will...
  8. Watkinsville, GA, Kuma, F, 8mo: Sweetheart in need of new home

    Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    I have a female puppy named kuma, she is and 8 month old purebred GSD. We live in watkinsville Georgia, USA. My parents got her for me when she was 14 weeks old. The breeder said she was 12 weeks old and fully vaccinated/ wormed. When we got her she couldn't even walk, she was terrified of...
  9. Are their tails normal for a purebred?

    General Information
    The breeder said they are full breed and showed me the mom on site and showed me their father on his phone (only a head picture) . First time owning this breed but with all the research I've done I think their tail is kind of short to be full blood. I'm posting the mom and dad too maybe they are...
  10. Almost 7 months old should I switch to Adult Food?

    Feeding Our Puppy
    I made a post before about how my gsd puppy was underweight ( he still is but is catching up I think), but for this post I was wondering when should I switch to adult food? Especially since he is on the smaller side should I continue to feed puppy food? I feed him currently orijen large breed...
  11. Ticks in Los Angeles?

    Health Issues
    My 6 month old GSD is being hospitalized for what they think is a tick born disease. We live in west Los Angeles and are wondering if anyone else has heard of ticks in the city? More info about Kora see my post about 104 fever. Experiencing neurological deficits, high white blood cell count...
  12. 6 month sick 104 fever

    Health Issues
    Kora’s is our 6 month GSD. Normal hyper puppy up until She lost her appetite 1 week ago and began sleeping all day. Went the vet where exam was fine, no temp but X-ray found her stomach was pissed off and intestine full of gas. Went home with Cerenia and Metronidazole and was told she would...