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  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    So I'm new to the shepherd community, I wanted to ask if this is a pure German shepherd breed
  2. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hello Guys!!
  3. General Puppy Stuff
    My girl, Elly, is 4 months old, I've had her for 1 month or so. She has become part of the pack, she is doing good in all departments, except that she will not play with me. She will play by herself just fine (she loves squeaky toys), but as soon as I pick up a toy she stops and just sits at my...
  4. How do I (teach my dog to)?
    I have a German shepherd puppy that is about 7 months old. I want to get her into schutzhund in the near future, but whenever I tell her down she leans on one side. It’s like a very bad posture and I don’t know how to fix it. Also when I give her commands she does them really slowly as if she is...
  5. General Information
    I got my dog about 4 months ago, he’s a great dog he’s active and nice, and by 3 months old was fully trained off leash. But the people who have us to him said he was 75% German Shepard and 25% Australian Shepard, which i wouldn’t normally question except he looks full bred and is well over the...
  6. Bloodlines & Pedigrees
    Hi all! I will be picking up my new girl May 8th. She is from west german show lines. I'm hoping to do some protection work/possibly join our local shcultzhund group. I'm completely new to all of this so anything you'd care to point out is appreciated...
  7. Puppy Behavior
    So I recently got a puppy at 4weeks old he's almost 5weeks now I'm a bit worried because we started a puppy milk replacer since the owner didn't wanna keep him anymore and he was doing fine for a few days until last night he's been regurgitating/ coughing up alot the color is brownish very...
  8. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    I think my puppy is a german shepherd mixed with something but i’m not sure. any thoughts on what she could be?
  9. General Puppy Stuff
    Hi! I'm a first time owner to Rico, a male 15 weeks old GSD. I've faced an issue and I'd really appreciate your recommendations about what should I do. So, couple of days ago, was Rico's first day at puppy kindergarten. There were puppies of all ages, sizes, and breeds in the class. Rico is...
  10. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    This is my boy Niko, 16wks old. His left ear is up one day and down the next. Ah, ear phases! Lol —
1-10 of 10 Results