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  1. 4 month female GSD herding my toddler??

    Puppy Behavior
    Hi guys, I’m hoping for so advice as I’m struggling to find answers online. I have a 4 month gsd female, she is as good as gold in every way. Food orientated, easily trained, house trained, crater trained, literally I cannot fault her until... when out on walks with my 3 year old, she will...
  2. In Search of Decoy WA state

    Other Protection Sports
    I’m new to the protection dog world, but I’ve got myself a really great Czech GSD with the will and drive for protection work. I’m trying to find a good decoy and would LOVE recommendations from anyone they know of in Washington state. Advice on who to avoid is welcome as well. I’m willing to...
  3. Breeders For Working Line GSDs Near Boise, Idaho

    Choosing A Breeder
    Good morning. I am new to the forum and currently searching out prospective breeders for my next dog. I am not new to dog owning, and have trained and cared for many German shepherds, as I have owned 4 dogs and worked at an animal shelter. I would say that my last dog, a German shorthaired...
  4. New shepherd owner looking for advice

    General Information
    Just got my new German Shepherd puppy, she is currently 6 weeks old. Without getting into too much detail I want her to be more of a protective dog that I can put my trust in if stuff hits the fan. Where should I begin with this process? Also should I socialize her with other dogs and people a...
  5. Hello GSD Fam ?? QUESTION: Should We Go with Working Line or Show?

    Introductions & Welcome Mat
    Hello everyone! Very happy to be a part of this awesome community... we are Brian & Haley - and currently, we're looking for a GSD pup :) That said, we're more on the 'relaxed' side, and don't want a GSD that will be very destructive, or super high energy. Now, I understand FULLY that GSD...