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  1. Choosing A Breeder
    Hi all, I’m in the U.K. and I’m looking for a DDR german shepherd puppy, I want to do some protection work with it. I don’t want crazy prey drive, majority defence drive would be good. Any breeders come to mind, I’ve come accords Figynberg kennel in Cornwall but not having much luck with any others
  2. Training Our Puppy (basic)
    Hi all. I'm looking into Schutzhund Kevin's 8 week- 12 month training course. Any thoughts?
  3. Schutzhund/IPO Training
    Hi all. I am very new to this world with the goal of getting into Schutzhund and personal protection work. I just picked up my west german showline puppy today after reading a bunch of conflicting information on SL vs WL. I am still feeling pretty torn on my decision to go with a show line. I...
  4. Bloodlines & Pedigrees
    Hi all! I will be picking up my new girl May 8th. She is from west german show lines. I'm hoping to do some protection work/possibly join our local shcultzhund group. I'm completely new to all of this so anything you'd care to point out is appreciated...
1-4 of 4 Results