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  1. Pregnancy, Whelping & Raising a Litter
    My female is 11 months. She mated with a 1 year old boy. I’m not 100% sure there was a tie, but they definitely did it a lot. It’s been 2 weeks, and I’m trying to not get too excited about her possibly being pregnant. I attached a couple pictures of her underbelly. What do you guys think...
  2. Breeding - General
    Hey. My 3 year old German Shepherd is about 7 weeks pregnant (we think). It's her first litter, we are concerned that we can't really feel the puppies moving. Can it be a false pregnancy? She gained weight, stomach is hard, she is eating more, her breast is larger and she gets tired very easily...
  3. Pregnancy, Whelping & Raising a Litter
    We have a 4yr female gsd (Kuma) and a 1yr male gsd (Ragnar) both intact. No plans to breed them, so we keep them completely separate when she is in heat. We plan on getting the male fixed when he is 2 years old because we were told it can stunt their growth if done too soon. We had a birthday...
1-3 of 3 Results