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  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    We finally got our first good snow of the year! Took a while but we got about 4 inches, Charlie and the rest of the pups had lots and lots of fun playing in it. Finally managed to dig my camera out of my closet and snap a few very handsome pictures of my boy :) our property provides a perfect...
  2. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hi all! Haven't posted in a while, but I've been seeing so many wonderful pics in these posts, I thought I should share one too! These two are quite the pair....just clowns all day! Brody, my 10 month old GSD pup and Misha, my three year old boxer.
  3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Once she hears her name, she pops up and doesn't leave myside🤣 and she always has a lazy sit
  4. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    After reading some threads about funky ears, and with Charlie's 1st birthday quickly approaching, I begin to feel myself longing for the tiny, flappy eared landshark phase again, even with all the accidents in the house and chewed up headphones🙄 So I'm here to show you all of Charlie's wonky...
  5. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Some pictures of Artemis! First one was from the breeder at 6 weeks old. Second is 8 weeks. She's already so big i might cry!
  6. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hello Guys!!
  7. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hello Guys!!
  8. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    ...because she broke her puppy toe. This is the second time she's broken a toe and she's not quite three years.😕 As far as I can tell, her boundary aggression gets the best of her and she's likely getting it caught in chain link overnight. We have lots of wildlife in my area from fox and skunk...
1-8 of 8 Results