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  1. Basic Care
    Hi all! I was just wondering if any of you had good recommendations for some paw "balm" or other assistance with German Shepherd's paws. My pup is over a year old now and we live in Tennessee (for those of you who don't understand the significance of that, it means the weather changes 20 times...
  2. Health Issues
    Noticed this small red bump on our dog’s paw today. He’s now licking/biting at it. Not sure what it is or how he got it. Has anyone had this? p
  3. Health Issues
    We were playing and she jumped and I put my hand to ask her to not jump and I think she fell awkwardly. She squealed for a dew seconds, picked her up and took her inside. She was not putting much weight on her front left paw. Did some ice pack and then felt her whole leg at joints and other...
1-3 of 3 Results