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  1. Health Issues
    Hello, Pannus is a horrible disease. My retired gsd has it. I have a new puppy for around two months now. We live at 1200m. What does everybody think, I am worried that my new puppy might already have it or i am just freaking out for nothing. I will take her to a eye specialist soon. Thank you
  2. Genetic Issues
    Hey everyone, Can anyone tell me any of their experiences of losing their promising breeding prospects to issues out of their control? My WL bitch was from a well known kennel here in the UK. I had her endorsements lifted due to her excellent orthopaedics and passing her genetic testing with...
  3. Health Issues
    Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum but I have a 1 1/2 year old GSD named obi. It’s currently the beginning of spring and I’m trying to make sure if he has pannus or if it’s just allergy’s. His eyes became very red these past 2 weeks. The inside part of his eyes (closer too his muzzle) look...
  4. Health Issues
    Hey everyone, I made a post back in January about my dog's pannus and cloudy eyes and thought I would update in hopes of getting some insight from other fellow shepherd owners out there. We got a referral for a specialist and today we got told that she has pannus in both her eyes and to put...
  5. Health Issues
    Hi everyone, Firstly sorry for the long post and this is my first time using this website in hopes of finding someone with a similar unfortunate experience. We have a 2 year old purebred german shepherd who we bought from a breeder as a puppy and she got diagnosed with pannus in both but mostly...
  6. Bloodlines & Pedigrees
    I am curious, since the topic of pannus is coming up more often, are there certain lines that the disease seems to be more prevalent in? Looking for specific lines, not just Czech, DDR, WGWL, WGSL, etc. If you have a dog who has been definitely diagnosed with pannus and wouldn't mind sharing a...
  7. Health Issues
    my German Shepard mix might have pannus is what my regular vet said. So I’ll be seeing an ophthalmologist but what do you guys think? I really hope she doesn’t
1-7 of 7 Results