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  1. General Information
    Hello all, Bru just turned one year old a week ago. He's a very good boy and minds very well. He really likes meeting new people and can get quite excited during the meet. I think this partially due to his age and friendly demeanor. I have decided to keep the appointment for his procedure. I...
  2. Health Issues
    I'll be scheduling Coco's retained testicle surgery now that he's around 18-24 months. I've been debating whether I should fully neuter him. His on-leash dog reactivity is well under control now, some whining and fixation here and there, but I know he still got strong emotions. He behaves great...
  3. Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    He is now 17 months old. About once a week he goes to doggy day care. There have been no problems until recently. He is very high energy but not aggressive. However, this last time he was causing issues. The lady who runs the facility told me it might be because there was a female in heat...
  4. General Information
    Hey All, Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Chemical Neutering, (Suprelorin)> We have an 8 month old Shepherd who has started to give and receive unwanted attention with other dogs, at his doggie day care and out on walks. We want to avoid it developing into aggression, at the...
  5. Basic Care
    My boy is almost one and I have now considered neutering him. As always, he is a very hyper and active dog. Lately he has been humping us and other things, and still tries to show his dominance towards us(when in the end he knows who’s boss) What is your thoughts and experiences on neutering a...
  6. Health Issues
    Hello, our almost 4 year old male gets bladder infections quite often. Vet suggested to neuter him and change his diet - thinking enlarged prostate might affect the bladder. Just wondering if someone's dog had bladder issues and decided to neuter - were there any changes or not? Thanks!
1-6 of 6 Results