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  1. How many naps a day/how long are those naps?

    Puppy Behavior
    Trying to figure out a routine/schedule for my puppy before he comes and I'm not sure how many hours to plan out for his nap times, playtimes, and training. Of course I'll readjust his schedule according to how he actually is in reality, but I'm trying to get a good sense of where to start. Any...
  2. Terrible Twos?

    Puppy Behavior
    Its been a long time since I posted, but since California is on shelter at home orders I finally have some time. My pups are turning 2 in a few weeks!! I never had dogs that were this young before, so sometimes I am unsure what behaviors are normal and which aren't. Odin is very high drive...
  3. Just trying out the Showcase

    Just trying out the Showcase