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  1. General Information
    so people are telling me that she's not a german shepherd that she's a mix because of the long and pointed nose and she's not too thick, im wondering if anyone has the same issue and if is just normal . 🙏🏼 please. she's 11 months old 60lb, I do not have papers.
  2. General Puppy Stuff
    Hi! This is Luci she’s about to be 4months. I have been having doubts about her recently there have been a few people who’ve called her a malinois is there any chance she could be mixed ???
  3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    He's 1yr and 75 lbs with room to fill in. Wondering what breeds he might be! Meet Mad Max! More pics on the imgur link in case these don't work! (My phone takes crummy pics...) He's got a HUGE head. 26 in tall and 26 in long (withers to rump) and lanky! His floppy rose-shaped, wider-set ears...
1-3 of 3 Results