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  1. Health Issues
    My dog is red, bumpy, and droopy on one side of his lips - pic attached. It also feels rough and dry. Any idea what this may be? He's acting normal, eating and drinking fine. Everything I’ve looked up (dog lip fold dermatitis/pyoderma) doesn’t seem to fit exactly.
  2. Health Issues
    Hey all, new here. Just noticed this today on Nanook’s mouth. His behavior and habits have been normal. I’m not sure if it’s a scratch (I have a cat and maybe they got into a scuffle?) or something of that sort; or something worse. Just looking for advice or suggestions. I saw a post on here...
  3. Health Issues
    My dog, Zeus, has had persistent pink lips the past three weeks. It came on suddenly and is spreading quick. I reached out to his vet during week 1 of this issue and they said it was a plastic allergy and to swap his bowls to stainless steel. I did that but it’s still not going away! It also...
  4. Health Issues
    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting so bare with me! My GSDs lower lip is turning red from always being black. He has food and environmental allergies...not sure if it’s allergy related. I also researched lip fold Pyoderma, but this looks different from the pictures. Has anyone seen this...
1-4 of 4 Results