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leash pulling

  1. 4 month old freak out on walks...but only with the kids

    General Puppy Stuff
    Hello all. Our 4 month old has been making some strong progress on leash training. When she walks with just me, just my wife, or both of us, aside from some normal puppy stuff...she’s fine. However, when we bring the kids, if there’s just the slightest bit of separation from the kids, she goes...
  2. HELP! My 5 month old German Shepherd puppy is whining/barking and pulling on the leash like crazy!!

    General Behavior
    Hi! We got our German shepherd at 8 weeks old, and now he is 5 months old. He loves the car, at least we think, and he hasn’t really had any problems in it. However, he does whine in it sometimes but it seems more like excitement than anxiety. Basically, when we start walking to the car, he...