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  1. 4 month old freak out on walks...but only with the kids

    General Puppy Stuff
    Hello all. Our 4 month old has been making some strong progress on leash training. When she walks with just me, just my wife, or both of us, aside from some normal puppy stuff...she’s fine. However, when we bring the kids, if there’s just the slightest bit of separation from the kids, she goes...
  2. Breeder Recommendation for family with young kids in northeast

    Choosing A Breeder
    The most important quality I am looking for is temperament. I am looking for a breeder that can help match my family with the right puppy. I would like a dog that can be taken anywhere very social, very trainable, good with children and other dogs. Could go for hikes with my family, runs and...
  3. Fear aggression around kids!

    Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    Helloall! I have a 7 month old GSD mix. I adopted her when she was 9 weeks old, and she has always been a timid dog. The first day we got her, she peed out of fear when a small child pet her. I focused on getting her exposed to kids, and I felt like she got better. The problem is, I don’t have...