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  1. Training Our Puppy (basic)
    Hi everyone, I'm hopefully getting a working line pup from a reputable breeder this spring and I want to get into sport right away. There are a couple of IPO clubs near me that I'm looking at but I was also wondering if I should do puppy class before. I can do basic obedience myself but with a...
  2. Schutzhund/IPO Training
    What is IPO? How can a dog start IPO and what do they look for ina. dog? I have a 5 month old German showline who has a high food, tug and prey drive.
  3. Schutzhund/IPO Training
    Hello All! Winter is coming...and so is my pup. Winter introduces obstacles, but does not prevent me from braving the harsh temperatures and weather conditions-we will get out there. The muted sounds and scents is where my concern lies. The warmer months include fireworks, thunderstorms, the...
  4. Schutzhund/IPO Training
    Afternoon All, I have a 15 week old working line GSD puppy called Indie. I am interested in training Indie in one of the dog sports and IPO/Schutzhund stood out to me. I am based in Hull and I have been trying to locate a club in my area that I could enquire with. After a number of google...