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  1. Supplements for Hips & Elbows

    Feeding Our Puppy
    Hi All, I have a 17 week old pup and was wondering if I should be giving him hip and elbow supplements? Was talking to another GSD owner and he suggested to start early, just wanted to get a few more opinions on if/when I should start. Thanks for your suggestions and reading!
  2. 9 month old hips

    Show those Hips
    Hey everyone, just had my boys hips x-rayed.. 9 month old male, sedated. Going to be sent to OFA today. Thanks in advance
  3. Thoughts on these hips..

    Show those Hips
    2 year old female GSD, sent to OFA just throwing it out there for opinions ??
  4. Joint Supplementation for Growing Puppies

    General Puppy Stuff
    The general consensus I see here is that a balanced, high quality diet is sufficient for large breed/shepherd puppy growth. We have two younger dogs, a 16 month old bitch from Europe and a 10 month old dog from Argentina. Their breeders are not connected in any way, but both have recommended a...