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hip xrays

  1. Told Hip Dysplasia by one vet and No Hip Dysplasia by another

    Show those Hips
    Hello, I have a weird situation that’s really worrying me. Long story short I have an 11.5 week old German Shepherd female who weighs about 15 LBS. Last Sunday we noticed she started limping and running sideways. Her gait was super off. First thing we did was make an appointment with our vet...
  2. 6 year old needs THR advice?

    Show those Hips
    Took these x-rays to the orthopedic surgeon, he said both hips are bad. Couldn't even say which is worse. Told me that fixing one hip should fix the issue because she will most likely shift her weight. Told me to pick the hip. Any one stand out to you? Would you do the THR she is 6.5 years old...