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hip dysplasia

  1. Sire has an uncertified elbow

    Health Issues
    When reading about an otherwise perfect sire I noticed it says "although functionally sound one elbow didn't certify" though the hips are certified 'good' as per the OFA database. How worrisome is this and does this mean he may have/get elbow dysplasia and therefore his offspring will be...
  2. Which of the following breeder is better? Need help guys!

    General Information
    Hello everyone, I plan to get my first GSD pup in this Oct. and I'm looking for a good breeder to make an early reservation. My expectation for the pup is to become a good family companion, neither for working or showing. I did as much research as possible and I contacted two breeders: 1. vom...
  3. Total Hip Replacement on my 10.5 mo GSD (growth plates already closed)

    Show those Hips
    My 10.5 month old GSD has been symptomatic since he was ~2-3 months old. He is scheduled for the first of two total hip replacement (replacement of ball and joint areas of the hip with prosthetics) surgeries on 2/25/2020. The surgeries will be done approximately 3 months apart for healing...
  4. Healthy Paws / Challenging a previous HD diagnosis

    Health Issues
    Back in 2017, when my girl was a little over two years old, I had her hips X-rayed so I had a base to compare future X-rays with. The vet who took them said she had mild hip dysplasia, which came as a shock because we got her from a reputable breeder who thoroughly screens for health problems...