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  1. Breeding - General
    We are in the process of bringing in a new import breeding bitch and discovered that she has heartworms. We understand the treatment process but can't find any info on whether or not this is likely to impact her longterm health or future fertility - including both the vets that we use. Lots of...
  2. Health Issues
    Hello, I have a question about heartworm preventive and how long they typically last/work until from the day of consumption? My dog, Zeus, has the MDR1 mutation so I limit the amount of heartworm medication to only the warm months in Northern VA (April - October). I gave him his last...
  3. Basic Care
    Hey All, I've posted a few times about my move to Ireland and looking to advise on things back home! Is Flea, Tick and Heartworm preventative medicine a thing in Ireland? I know it is in the US, but looking for any brands that members here use, and if they bother with anything! Thanks, David
  4. Basic Care
    At what age does a dog need to start taking these medications. Also Simparica Trio is pushed a lot by vets where we live. I have read mixed reviews on this forum and other places online about it. What is the latest on this ? What are folks on this forum using for heart worm and flea-tick ...
1-4 of 4 Results