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  1. Could someone help me figure out his Pedigree

    Bloodlines & Pedigrees
    I am really confused looking through the paperwork. Could someone help me figure out why the names on the Certificate of Pedigree are different from the names on the Dam and Sire papers as well as his Pedigree Database. I went to look at the paperwork to see if I could find any dogs related to...
  2. Pannus

    Health Issues
    my German Shepard mix might have pannus is what my regular vet said. So I’ll be seeing an ophthalmologist but what do you guys think? I really hope she doesn’t
  3. Is my buddy under weight

    Health Issues
    I have attached a few pictures. This is my 8 month old certified GSD. I haven’t wondered until today if he may be underweight. I attached a headshot because he’s so handsome :)
  4. Does neutering help constant bladder infections?

    Health Issues
    Hello, our almost 4 year old male gets bladder infections quite often. Vet suggested to neuter him and change his diet - thinking enlarged prostate might affect the bladder. Just wondering if someone's dog had bladder issues and decided to neuter - were there any changes or not? Thanks!