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  1. Bump on testicles

    Health Issues
    My dog recently developed a weird looking lump on his testicles. Is this something I should worried about...
  2. 8mo just spayed! Worried about incision.

    Basic Care
    Talla was just spayed Monday. We have had a cone on her since she got home. Its called a "Zencone" and is like fabric and plastic. Everything was fine her incision looked fine this morning. But just a little while ago I noticed that she was able to bend the cone to lick her incision. I put an...
  3. Male dog peeing while sleeping

    Health Issues
    Hachi is a (supposedly) 3.5 year old fixed male GSD. He's peed while sleeping five times since Friday. It's 100% while he's sleeping. Before this, he had never peed inside the house before. He seems completely unaware that it's happening. This morning we did a pee sample and it came back...
  4. Black lip (jowl) turning red

    Health Issues
    Hi everyone, this is my first time posting so bare with me! My GSDs lower lip is turning red from always being black. He has food and environmental allergies...not sure if it’s allergy related. I also researched lip fold Pyoderma, but this looks different from the pictures. Has anyone seen this...
  5. Question regarding my GSD's throat/belly skin issue

    Health Issues
    Hello, I have had my GSD for about 3 years now and sorry if I'm not very good at describing his health situation, I don't think I've ever encountered this issue with other dogs before and I have visited many vets around my area and all of them have said something along the lines of atopic...
  6. Which of the following breeder is better? Need help guys!

    General Information
    Hello everyone, I plan to get my first GSD pup in this Oct. and I'm looking for a good breeder to make an early reservation. My expectation for the pup is to become a good family companion, neither for working or showing. I did as much research as possible and I contacted two breeders: 1. vom...
  7. Sudden Change in Overall Behavior

    Health Issues
    Hey all! I'm new to this website. I'm posting my concern here since I'm not sure if its behavior or there's some underlying issue no one can seem to find with my dog. My fiance and I have had our german shepherd for four years. We got him when he was 2 years old and was badly abused by his old...
  8. Skin condition help

    Health Issues
    I’ve taken her to the vet before they said it could be a number of different things. I bought her in Seattle WA and moved down to GA and it started here. I thought maybe a food allergy so I’ve tried a number of different foods, nothing changes. Flea treatments do nothing, at this point I think...
  9. Pannus

    Health Issues
    my German Shepard mix might have pannus is what my regular vet said. So I’ll be seeing an ophthalmologist but what do you guys think? I really hope she doesn’t
  10. Is my buddy under weight

    Health Issues
    I have attached a few pictures. This is my 8 month old certified GSD. I haven’t wondered until today if he may be underweight. I attached a headshot because he’s so handsome :)
  11. Does neutering help constant bladder infections?

    Health Issues
    Hello, our almost 4 year old male gets bladder infections quite often. Vet suggested to neuter him and change his diet - thinking enlarged prostate might affect the bladder. Just wondering if someone's dog had bladder issues and decided to neuter - were there any changes or not? Thanks!