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  1. Health Issues
    My dog excessively licks her hind legs until they are really wet. I've noticed she has started to get little red bumps on her face, they look like little pimples. The first one initially went away after about a week, now I've noticed another one under her chin, and a smaller one by her whisker...
  2. Health Issues
    Hi all, My dog isn't a german shepherd but the forums here had many helpful threads regarding this disease! Been to two vets and both seem to think that our dog has PF though they've both mentioned that it is very rare and that they don't see it often. It started as a small opening back in Dec...
  3. Health Issues
    Today, as I am playing with Tyson (1.5 years old GSD) I have noticed quite different shape in his neck. Then I physically felt a lump - size of Golf ball size in his left side of the neck area. It's movable and Tyson didn't shown any sort of pain while touching it. I'm concerned about its health...
  4. Health Issues
    Hello, About a week ago I noticed my GSD had a new area of discoloration and a small pimple like bump under his nose. It seems to be more red and inflamed today. I reached out to my vet and he has an appointment coming up. But I’m curious. Has anyone else had something like this with their GSD...
  5. Health Issues
    Hello all, I hope all is well. I have a 1 year old GSD and for the last couple of days he has been biting and chewing his right paw nonstop. ive been monitoring it closely and today I noticed redness in his paw and he also is slightly limping. I had good insurance for him for the last 9...
  6. Health Issues
    Hello everyone, I’m new to this forum but I have a 1 1/2 year old GSD named obi. It’s currently the beginning of spring and I’m trying to make sure if he has pannus or if it’s just allergy’s. His eyes became very red these past 2 weeks. The inside part of his eyes (closer too his muzzle) look...
  7. Health Issues
    My dog is red, bumpy, and droopy on one side of his lips - pic attached. It also feels rough and dry. Any idea what this may be? He's acting normal, eating and drinking fine. Everything I’ve looked up (dog lip fold dermatitis/pyoderma) doesn’t seem to fit exactly.
  8. Health Issues
    Want too know if this is a normal tongue color due too she used to have a more pink tongue and if color of gums are normal .. thanks!
1-8 of 8 Results