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  1. Health Issues
    Hello guys! I noticed Today on my 6 month old puppy (about to be 7) some sort of patch or hair loss on his snout. This is my first puppy ever. It doesn’t feel rough it’s more like hair loss/thinning on that area. I don’t see any other spots on his body as of right now. Other than that his acting...
  2. Health Issues
    There is loss of hair around neck, legs, hindleg joints and buttocks. Otherwise puppy seems to be healthy and active. It's been like this for a month and half and doctor says it's okay.
  3. Health Issues
    Hello! Our seven month old puppy was born with a little bald spot. We've seen two different vets and have had a skin scrape done and still have no answers! It's not contagious, and it grew as her head grew but now it seems as though it's stopped growing. There is absolutely no hair and it seems...
1-3 of 3 Results