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  1. Bloodlines & Pedigrees
    Need to find top notch breeders… I am looking for breeders that still have those Fero lines. I’ve heard mostly good, and some bad on the lines. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Looking for real working line gsd, super solid nerves, and great dogs. Comments appreciated.
  2. General Information
    On my dogs pedigree it has a lot of PKR next to dogs names that goes back 4 generations. I tried looking it up but nothing really pops up . I am trying to figure out what that means.Cmku is also on some of the dogs name and it said its czech registry what does that mean? That the dog was imported?
  3. Bloodlines & Pedigrees
    Hi, I am curious to learn more about my German Shepherd’s pedigree? What lines is he predominantly? (Czech, West, East/DDR?) I’m still learning about pedigrees and just want to learn as much as I can about him. Dakota “Dak” Thank you :)
1-3 of 3 Results