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  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Happy Halloween! Here's a picture of my 3 year old German Shepherd dressed as a ghost for Halloween :) Like the photo if you want to vote for him to win his costume contest! German Shepherd Ghost Costume
  2. The Breed Standard
    I got Kaleis from a shelter(3months)and he was listed down a GSD and I kinda believe he is full gsd but I’m not 100% because of his ears and his general size he is 7months according to the birthdate they had listed (2/28/20) and sitting at about 50pounds; he’s on the leaner side but I just want...
  3. General Information
    According to a health and wellness study carried out by the Kennel Club in the UK in 2004, the average lifespan for the German Shepherd is 10.95 years. The type's life-span is estimated to be regarding the same in the United States (11-13 years). This is common for canines of this size.
  4. General Information
    Between German Shepherd and Caucasian who possess greater strength and which of them is more aggressive
  5. General Information
    Hello all, I have a GSD just 7 months old along with an indian breed small dog. Me and myself bought a car recently as we like to go out on vacations by car. We would love to take our dogs as well however we are not sure if our dogs can handle the travel. Give me some basic suggestions, do's...
  6. General Behavior
    Hey everyone I’m just looking for some help I have a 15 week old panda German Shepard and I’ve never had one act the way she dose and I’ve had 5 GSD through out my life time So I’m not new to the breed and they have all been happy go lucky but she just lays around and is scared to death it seems...
  7. Health Issues
    My boy Scooby is 9 months old & he is not putting his full weight on left his leg since a week and he keeps it crossed with right his leg while standing it seems his left leg doesn’t have enough strength, vet has proscribed supplements & its been 3 days since ive started feeding him suppli and...
  8. Choosing A Breeder
    Hi guys, me and my family are planning on getting a GSD. My mom always wanted one but never got a chance to get one. We just moved to the US and we started saving money for a GSD. It looks like we're gonna get one in mid-September or November but I'm not sure. I just wanted to ask you guys some...
  9. General Information
    So we have Charlie, our baby, a 2 year old male GSD, and we may or may not be starting a foster care journey soon this month. Our worry is he will not accept baby boy(3months)** in to his space / life. We've had Charlie since he was 8 weeks old. He is loving, protective/possessive, & playful...
  10. General Information
    My Boy is a little over a year and a half old (19months). I understand that Males on average range from 66-88lb and Females from 49-71lb. My boy fits in perfectly at 75lbs. However, given his parent's weight, I would have thought he would have been bigger and have become concerned that it might...
  11. General Puppy Stuff
    i just got a german shepherd puppy will n 9 wks old the 30th of may. I bought him from from Hirschfeld German Shepherds in ohio they are an AKC breeder. But wun i got home with him evey one i talk to tells me he is very small for his age and he has small feet even my vet said the same thing...
  12. General Information
    hi guys, I’m new to this site. I was thinking about getting a GSD, but I already have 2 small female dogs. is it a good idea to get an almost newborn female GSD, or should I get a male?
  13. Hades, four months.

    Hades, four months.

    This is my Hades, he is German Shepherd with a little Siberian husky in him from his mother, Clarice, who is 70 / 30 gsd / husky. Hannibal, his father, is German Shepherd.
  14. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    He's 1yr and 75 lbs with room to fill in. Wondering what breeds he might be! Meet Mad Max! More pics on the imgur link in case these don't work! (My phone takes crummy pics...) He's got a HUGE head. 26 in tall and 26 in long (withers to rump) and lanky! His floppy rose-shaped, wider-set ears...
  15. General Information
    Hello! So last week we got our pup Missi (10 weeks). She is German Shepard but not sure if she is full GSD or mix (they didn’t have papers for her) What’s making me doubt it is she doesn’t have the black around her muzzle.. I don’t really care if she is full or mix but it would be nice to see...
  16. Introductions & Welcome Mat
    Hi everyone! We're adding a male GSD to our fam! Mom, Dad and Sadie Lady (black lab) are super stoked - the new best friend comes home on 4/17/2020!!
  17. General Puppy Stuff
    Hello! Some advice please! Our 10 week old GSD is settling in really well. We have 3 daughters aged 9 - 13. The last couple of days the puppy has had a wild moments where she suddenly goes becomes super excited jumping up and intentionally biting ankles / legs quite hard. We have been...
  18. Choosing A Breeder
    Anyone have experience with this breeder? I've searched through and found a couple of posts one or two of which are referred to PM's (assuming bashing). Id love to hear some positives or negatives of the breeder
  19. General Behavior
    my family and I are going through an experimental phase with GSDs. We currently have Arya (2 year old female) and we’ve recently introduced her to Cesar (5yr old male) We’ve had Arya since she was a puppy and she’s generally a sassy dog. She plays well with others and we’ve never had her show...
  20. Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    Hi there, I recently rescued a 4 year old dog (1 month ago). She was on the red list at a kill-shelter. I thought I hit the jackpot, because she is the SWEETEST and most beautiful purebred, long coated black GSD. I know nothing of her past, but she appears to have been trained. She walks...