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  1. General Puppy Stuff
    We just got a gsd puppy a month ago and the breeder said that it was a long coat puppy. As a puppy it did look like one but now at 2.5 months of age I'm beginning to dout this. Many people say a long coat has long hair behind ears but ours has some but not a lot. So I wanted to clear this doubt...
  2. In Loving Memory
    I write this posts with a very heavy heart. On the morning our May 6th or German Sheperd Passed away. I’m looking for answers. If anyone can provide further insight to how or what took his life I would greatly appreciate it. The night before he threw up. The color was like a dark green brown...
  3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hello please help me identify his breed. He is around 3 months old
  4. Puppy Behavior
    First of all, I know that gsd-s are no golden retrievers and that it’s normal that he don’t like to be petted by everybody. But, my puppy just turned 4 months old, and we waited till he got all his shots to socialise him. He listens very well and till half a month he was perfectly playful with...
  5. Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    Hello, I need urgent help with my GSD. He belonged to my late father and about 7 months ago moved in with me. He wasn’t trained at first so I sent him for 2 months dog school and he was initially very well behaved and very friendly. He then started getting aggressive towards my flatmate -...
  6. Training Our Puppy (basic)
    Charlie's training has been going quite well, he's started to focus more, his reactivity is getting lots better, he doesn't bark or lunge anymore, just starts pulling a little and usually stops and sits to look at me after I correct him and block him from whatever he's got his sights on. That...
  7. General Behavior
    I've been debating making this post for a bit because it may be a bit dumb but does anyone else's dog nibble on them? Charlie has done it since i first got him at 9 weeks, he just uses his incisors and just barely nibbles on my leg or my arm, mostly my arm. As he's gotten bigger he's started to...
  8. Show those Hips
    I took my 8-month old male to the vet a couple days ago because he was limping. We took X-rays and the vet said he doesn't see any issues with his bones. What do you think? Any signs of hip dysplasia?
  9. Feeding Our Puppy
    So I’m new to owning German Shepard’s, should I be feeding my 3 month old puppy dry kibble or wet food? My breeder told me i should always moisten kibble because they are prone to bloat but she refuses to eat anything but dry food.
  10. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hey y’all ! I adopted a puppy from Texas during the pandemic when people started dumping their dogs and shelters were overwhelmed. I don’t care what he is, I absolutely adore him regardless and he is the perfect pup. This is strictly for curiosity purposes. What do you guys think?? I was told...
  11. Diet & Nutrition
    Hello Everyone! My pup is of 5 months old I was giving him Orijen puppy large but its costly for me so I'm thinking to move on to other dog food can you guys recommend me which is the best dog food for him?? Dog foods which are available in my country 1. Hills 2. Royal Canin 3. Taste of wild 4...
  12. Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    My almost five year old male (intact) GSD has always been protective of his family, however, he has been having eye issues recently and has been to the vet twice. He is on eye drops and cream, he suspects a combination of Pannus and dry eye. We have five kids, the youngest being 4 months old...
  13. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Any tips for or tricks from the experts are welcomed (:
  14. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hello Guys!!
  15. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hello Guys!!
  16. General Information
    Hi, I own a Bernedoodle since 3 years, but unfortunately I have lost her in the past month. Now I have own a GSD, and it's looking very good decision for me. I really like this dog, especially due to their security nature. Most of my time spend out of the home, and I really like the non-panic...
  17. Choosing A Breeder
    I am looking for advice/suggestions on who to deal with to import a young trained adult female? Does anyone have any recommendations of breeders they have dealt with or suggestions on who not to deal with? TIA
  18. Choosing A Breeder
    I'm planning to buy a GSD. Please suggest me good breeders around Mumbai area.
  19. Health Issues
    UPDATE (The timeline is not adding up however we finally got an appointment for today and we are getting her checked out.) Thank you to everyone for your quick responses! It was very helpful. ANOTHER UPDATE It was just a false pregnancy as a younger male had just been introduced and she treated...
  20. General Information
    Hi, a few days back I have just asked for suggestions about GSD vs. Bulldog. Most of the people recommended me GSD. Yes! its a perfect dog for the families as we own it from the past 7 years. But unfortunately its passed away, and we are planning to own another dog. But we are still little...
1-20 of 62 Results