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  1. General Information
    Just popping in to ask if my boy is a little underweight or just right. He gets lots of exercise, we go on walks at least once a day and when we're not walking he has the run of our 7 acres of field and woods (with supervision of course) I know GSDs, especially young ones, should be on the...
  2. Feeding Our Puppy
    So I adopted Samir from the shelter they say he’s about 5/6 months old but he’s only 24 pounds.
  3. Feeding Our Puppy
    Hi all, wondering if my 10mo puppy is underweight. He’s currently unaltered, 70lbs or so, and around 26in from floor to top of shoulder give or take a bit (he was wiggling a lot trying to measure and weigh him). He’s been about 70lbs for the past month, almost 2mo now, and I haven’t been able...
  4. Health Issues
    Hello everyone. My female GSD puppy is turning 3 months next week and she’s only around 4.5kg. She’s a picky eater but she eats pretty well. Her ribs don’t show and is very energetic, but is alarmingly small. I’m wondering if this is a health issue, genetic thing, or maybe not purebred? Let me...
  5. General Information
    The other day some lady made an underhand comment about my dog being too ‘dainty’ to be a German Shepherd. She owned a neurotic doodle and I know I shouldn’t pay much attention to it, but I guess it’s bothered me a little more than I’d like. My dog is low 80-ish pounds and last measured 23 at...
  6. General Information
    Is my buddy too thin. Hes only 6 months but he ways a TON. Hes about 75 lbs right now but hes a super lean boy? And What can I do to bulk him up a bit if he is? Im considering high protein food?
  7. General Puppy Stuff
    I picked my pup up at 7 weeks. He is now on week 8 (8/20/2020) and weighed in at 7lbs. Mind you, i weighed him by jumping on my scale without him and then checking how much it shows with me holding him. Should i be concerned? I have seen many forums and what not that says Males weigh more around...
  8. General Information
    My Boy is a little over a year and a half old (19months). I understand that Males on average range from 66-88lb and Females from 49-71lb. My boy fits in perfectly at 75lbs. However, given his parent's weight, I would have thought he would have been bigger and have become concerned that it might...
1-9 of 9 Results