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  1. Choosing A Breeder
    Hi. We are interested in getting a german shepherd puppy for our family and we live in NJ. We will be first time dog owners ( I did have 2 german shepherd dogs growing up) and don’t have any experience in choosing the right breeder. I will really appreciate if I can get some good references for...
  2. Diet & Nutrition
    I have been feeding my puppy boiled meat, do i switch over to raw meat, or do i continue to give him boiled meat?
  3. General Puppy Stuff
    Hi All, There is a white spot on my GSD Puppy's nose which I bought, although it looks cute but just wanted to know what does that mean? Does it affect its purity? And will it disappear as the puppy will grow? Also, can yall kindly let me know if my puppy is a pure GSD as when he walks his tail...
  4. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    We finally got our first good snow of the year! Took a while but we got about 4 inches, Charlie and the rest of the pups had lots and lots of fun playing in it. Finally managed to dig my camera out of my closet and snap a few very handsome pictures of my boy :) our property provides a perfect...
  5. General Puppy Stuff
    Why did my German sheperd puppy back paws get like this?
  6. Development & Socialization
    Littermate syndrome? Adopting too late? Food influencing behavior? Training tips? Greetings everyone! So I have a 5 month old german shepherd. Her and her sister were given to me and a friend of mine just 1 month ago when they were just about 4 months old. They were equally shy and silent in...
  7. General Information
    Hi, I am new to this GSD forum. It's just 2 months ago he joined our family. He is Simba as my sister is fond of Lion king. We wanted to buy a gsd puppy with certificates, but due to covid 19 lockdown in my region we couldn't. Breeder confirms that the puppy is a long coat GSD as mother and...
  8. Puppy Behavior
    Hi all, So my GSD Maverick is now 10 weeks old. We've been working on crate training. Sometimes he's sweet... and sometimes he's sour. At night he will go right into his crate, lay down with a little protest and then sleep. He is sleeping anywhere from 5-7 hours without a peep! During the...
1-8 of 8 Results