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  1. Coat changes

    Basic Care
    We have a GSD who is about to turn 6 months old. We live in Florida, and he recently caught a pretty significant Upper Respiratory Infection. He’s been on a 2 week course of antibiotics and fully isolated from other dogs. Over the past two weeks, we seen deterioration of his coat. He eats Taste...
  2. Is my 68 days Boy a long coat or medium coat ?

    General Information
    Tiger is our new family member. He is a very cheerful and active puppy. While adopting him from a breeder I was being told that he is a double coat Medium-Long length Gsd. ( can’t trust breeders nowadays specifically here in my country INDIA ). attaching few pics of him from 1week till now...
  3. Is my GSD puppy long coat or medium coat?

    General Information
    Hi, I am new to this GSD forum. It's just 2 months ago he joined our family. He is Simba as my sister is fond of Lion king. We wanted to buy a gsd puppy with certificates, but due to covid 19 lockdown in my region we couldn't. Breeder confirms that the puppy is a long coat GSD as mother and...