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  1. Puppy Behavior
    How long should a 4 month old puppy be able to play ball for? She will go for so long and it’s a great way to get her energy out but I don’t want to hurt her joints + growing!
  2. Happy Birthday / Gotcha Day
    Happy 1st Birthday to Charlie! can't believe my sweet boy is already a year old, time truly flies... I never thought I could handle a large breed, much less a GSD, but here we are, and he's turned out to be one of the best dogs ive ever known, so kind and intelligent and goofy, im so lucky to...
  3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Can't believe how much my sweet boy has changed, the tell tale sign its the same pup is his numerous freckles😆
  4. Braggs!!!
    Hey all. Just a had to make a quick Bragg/ note to self about my sweet girl! Frida is 12 weeks old now and has been to the beach, on boats, in airports, in tons of stores. She's met children, horses, goats, cows, cats and dogs. She has been the easiest puppy I've ever house trained. I'm just so...
1-4 of 4 Results