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  1. General Information
    Hi! I wasn't sure what section to put this in. I currently have an almost 3 year old male chocolate Labrador (neutered) and am looking to get a second dog. I was originally set on getting a German Shepherd because I've wanted one since I was a child and I want that intimidation factor when I...
  2. Basic Care
    Hi everyone. Hope all are fine. I got different shampoos for my puppy. I just wanted to ask that can I mix 2 or 3 shampoos and use it combined or should I apply one after the other? And also how much to dilute with water generally if it's not mentioned on the bottle? Also wanted to know that...
  3. Basic Care
    I was wondering if could trim a couple hairs near my pups ears and underneath his belly. Will it damage his coat? I don't want to do anything too short, I know it'll mess up his undercoat if I do. Any tips if I can trim him?
1-3 of 3 Results