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  1. General Behavior
    I have a one year old white German Shepherd that loves to eat her own poop. I can’t let her off the leash because she will literally sniff out poop to eat when we go on walks. It scares me that one day she’ll eat infested poop and she’ll get sick. She hardly eats and when she does it’s only at...
  2. Health Issues
    Hey everyone, I made a post back in January about my dog's pannus and cloudy eyes and thought I would update in hopes of getting some insight from other fellow shepherd owners out there. We got a referral for a specialist and today we got told that she has pannus in both her eyes and to put...
  3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Our sweet boy is almost a year old, I can't believe how quickly time flies o_O
  4. Non-Urgent GSD Rescue & Adoption
    4 year old AKC registered male German shepherd. Union county south Carolina. My boyfriend is unable to take care of this big boy. He was told he was well trained but isn't. He will follow simple commands but is very hyper and is not leash trained my bf has COPD that is getting worse. It is...
  5. Braggs!!!
    a second brag post? oh goodness, what an accomplishment, but my sweet boy deserves it. I've been slacking this past month, or two, on training, and this week I finally decided I needed to step up! I got into contact with an old friend who has some rescued GSD mixes and planned a meetup to...
  6. Happy Birthday / Gotcha Day
    Happy 1st Birthday to Charlie! can't believe my sweet boy is already a year old, time truly flies... I never thought I could handle a large breed, much less a GSD, but here we are, and he's turned out to be one of the best dogs ive ever known, so kind and intelligent and goofy, im so lucky to...
  7. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Big guys train incident was nearly three weeks ago and he is very pleased to be out of concussion protocol and allowed to chase his ball again, although I keep telling him im sure the tennis ball would be more comfortable! Now if you'd just grow into those legs....
  8. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Can't believe how much my sweet boy has changed, the tell tale sign its the same pup is his numerous freckles😆
  9. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Just a few from today as we cleaned up the yard! He's really growing up on me lol
  10. General Information
    Charlie is the first male dog ive raised from a pup, and the first large breed dog ive ever had. Ive done research on when or if I should neuter, but ive decided to come here, since I respect the people here and value their opinions, and I myself am still very ignorant when it comes to this...
  11. General Information
    I know this may be a dumb question but I've always wondered how big my boy Charlie will be when he's full grown? I know male GSDs can continue growing past 2 years old, is there anyway to estimate how big he will get? His breeder said he was mixed with Pyrenees, about 1/4 of it, but neither of...
  12. New Member Introductions
    Like others, we’re lurkers but decided to introduce ourselves. Former MWD K9 handlers/trainers and former Civilian Police K9 handlers/trainers here. Always had GSD and went almost a year without one. Would like to introduce Zorii. She is now 14 weeks old. We got her from Narnia German Shepherds...
  13. Finding the Right Puppy
    Hi everyone This is my first time buying a dog I have attached the pics of the puppy I'm getting So can anyone tell about the purity/quality of this puppy? And is this medium coat? Also I want to know what coat colour he has right now and how will he look /what will it grow into(coat color and...
  14. The Breed Standard
    My GSD is about 24 inches at 10 months of age. How much can I expect him more to grow and till what age? Please refer to the images too. Clicked on June 4.
  15. Finding the Right Puppy
    This is my first post here and I just wanted to hear from everyone. I have just returned a puppy after having him for only 2 weeks. I told the breeder I wanted a best friend companion dog that could do protection work. (Idk anything about it btw.)I returned him because this puppy literally...
  16. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    This is G Pashka vom Haus Morrisson TKN CGCA CGCU BH-VT AD She is also fully health tested I am working with her to get to an IGP3, and the breed survey, and plan on trying out PSA and possibly herding in the future!
  17. General Information
    According to a health and wellness study carried out by the Kennel Club in the UK in 2004, the average lifespan for the German Shepherd is 10.95 years. The type's life-span is estimated to be regarding the same in the United States (11-13 years). This is common for canines of this size.
  18. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    Hello! I'm new here. These are my babies. Striker (3) and Rhama (1.1/2) They are the most loving and smart babies. Hope to contribute, and see what the site has to offer. :)
  19. General Information
    Hi, this is my dog Kennya she has 1y 2mo old she's a committed Sailor Dog and I'm curious to know if she's a mix of German Sheperd with other breed since I noticed she doesn't have low back, her tail it's very long compared with other dogs of the same breed... just to clarify I'm not complaning...
  20. Choosing A Breeder
    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any DDR breeders breeding dogs with breed worthy working titles, correct temperament and structure? Working titles such as; IGP (Schutzhund - BH or higher), WDA, PSA, Higher than a basic Herding instinct title, high level Tracking, Police dogs or Single...
1-20 of 32 Results