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  1. My 1 year shepherd/anatolian(?) mix, finally some pics!

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    He's 1yr and 75 lbs with room to fill in. Wondering what breeds he might be! Meet Mad Max! More pics on the imgur link in case these don't work! (My phone takes crummy pics...) He's got a HUGE head. 26 in tall and 26 in long (withers to rump) and lanky! His floppy rose-shaped, wider-set ears...
  2. Gay tail or possibly mix?

    General Information
    My 5 months old male gsd has a curly tail. I don't have the papers and I didn't see his parents, it was a gift. Do you think he's a black and tan or maybe he's gonna change his colors?
  3. Our new sweetie

    Introductions & Welcome Mat
    Hello, New to the forum. We rescued this sweetie two weeks ago. Sadly she was found in a burlap sack next to the river with her siblings (I don't know what is wrong with some people). She was in pitiful shape....hungry, coccidiosis, worms and now we are treating for a UTI. They estimated her at...