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food plan

  1. General Information
    Is my buddy too thin. Hes only 6 months but he ways a TON. Hes about 75 lbs right now but hes a super lean boy? And What can I do to bulk him up a bit if he is? Im considering high protein food?
  2. Feeding Our Puppy
    Hi, I have a german shepherd puppy 5months old long coat. Currently feeding him royal canin maxi starter and grain zero. As well as egg whites, curd,sweet potatoes,pumpkins, chicken breast , and pork lean meat. What will be the best puppy food for a gsd puppy for this stage.
  3. Feeding Our Puppy
    Hello, I have a 5 month old female german shepherd that weighs 60 pounds. From when I got her she has not been very interested in her food. She will eat sometimes with some coaxing but she doesn’t really care about it. I do not think she’s sick as she has an appetite and will eat treats when...