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floppy ears

  1. Moleskin Padding (with Breathe Right strips) - Ear Supports

    Ears Up??????
    OKAY - so Niko is about 6.5 months old and his one ear is still so big and floppy sometimes! It’s on the thinner side too which doesn’t help with firm, natural support. Here’s a photo with the ear up on its own: SO, I purchased moleskin padding to help the ear stand 24/7 on its own for a...
  2. 6 Months Old, 1 Stubborn Ear

    Ears Up??????
    I’ve tried everything spare taping/gluing... This floppy ear has been the bane of my existence for months. It’s wider and taller than the other one, not very thick, and only stands sometimes (walks, training, play). I don’t want to have to get involved but at 6mo old I fear the window is...
  3. Ear Progress (I think?) One Stubborn Left Ear! (WGSD)

    Ears Up??????
    Okay so... Niko is 18wks old today. He has one ear up. It’s soft, but it’s been up for weeks. And one ear half floppy. He’s in the middle of teething. I know that while teething the ears do a dance, so I expect at some point for his current “up ear” to go down. His other ear has never once gone...