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  1. Hip Dysplasia and a very picky eater! Advice, please!

    Health Issues
    Hello all, I have been reading discussions on this website for the longest time and have learned so much from fellow members! I am a first time GS mom and in need of serious help! I have a 8 month old named Zac (60 lbs) who has been a picky eater ever since we got him. Me and my husband have...
  2. Looking to be a first time GSD owner... NEED HELP

    Finding the Right Puppy
    Hello Everyone, I am very new to this German Shepherd community and everything that goes into GSD breeding. There is a lot of language that various breeders use that I don't fully understand like "KKL bred in Germany to Lando von den Klosterspatzen Sch3" and "IPO3". It would be great if someone...
  3. Reputable Slovakian Breeders

    Choosing A Breeder
    Hello, I am going through the process of moving to Slovakia and once I am settled I would like to put more effort into looking for a reputable breeder to get my dog from. Overall the dog that I get would most likely be just a family dog as I have no experience in IPO or Schutzhund. Names of...