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first time shepard
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  1. Choosing A Breeder
    I live in Oakville, ON and is looking for a reputable German shepherd breeder that is close me (best to be within 2hours of driving, at least within Ontario ). Citywide is the one that is on my list right now, are there any reviews about them? If they are not recommended, can I please get some...
  2. General Puppy Stuff
    Hello everyone! My baby girl Taxi is very intelligent and calm most of the times but suddenly she has stopped drinking water from her bowl. Today she was barking a lot and tried to bite me. I am a first time owner and very tensed for her. I got no clue how to train her. She usually needs her 'me...
  3. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    His German Shepard black is starting to come in! Anyone know when his next growth spurt is?
1-3 of 3 Results