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  1. Health Issues
    There is a new sight for EPI ( Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency ) information: Not much there as far as forum info so far so the goto sight is still Epi4Dogs - EPI4Dogs Homepage - Managing EPI | Non-Profit Educational Resource & Forum It references the actual...
  2. The Senior Dog
    Bonnie is 10 years old and suffers with severe arthritis in her lower back and her left hip. She has been on gabapentin and moloxicam morning and night for a good 2 years. She is also an EPI dog who is on Diane's enzymes to be able to process her food through her pancreas. We almost lost her...
  3. Health Issues
    Hello! I have a Shepherd/Malinois named Amber and she has EPI. We give her a teaspoon of Pancreatic Enzyme powder with each meal, but we are interested in changing her food. Currently on Authority brand grain-free kibble. If you have a dog with EPI, which brand of dog food are you feeding them...
1-3 of 3 Results