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  1. Almost 13wk old WGSD; Ears.. is there hope?

    Ears Up??????
    This is my boy Niko, he’ll be 13wks on 3/30. I started giving Knox gelatin two days ago to help his ears stand since he’s been caught in the flying nun phase for about 2wks now. Do they look hopeful? I know it’s hard question to ask cause no one REALLY knows but I figured I’d see what y’all think!
  2. GSD mix puppy floppy ears

    Ears Up??????
    My almost 6 month GSD mix’s (50% GSD, 50% mutt) ears have been taped using Breathe Right nasal strips for almost a month and a half. Her ears look great when using two strips per ear, but we’ve been using eyelash glue as adhesive, and the strips don’t stay on for more that two or three days. The...