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  1. Ears Up??????
    My dog was have a nice ears , now her eras goes down , she is 4 months old, maybe because of teething? By the way this the second time with this situation first time when she was toothing 2 months ago Or maybe because of Lickers she was Itch crazy her ears 📛 I recovered her from the Lickers 📛
  2. Ears Up??????
    Ok, so my German shepherd is supposedly purebred, which most people I’ve asked think he is too, including vets. He also has a pedigree paper to back up his purebred blood line, and AKC registered. I have began questioning if he is based off of his ears. He was the biggest in the litter and has...
  3. Ears Up??????
    Hi guys, I have a pup who is 8 weeks old. She's not actually a German Shepherd but she is a Belgian Malinois/Cane Corso/Donovan Pinscher cross. I've been thinking about using breathe right strips to help her ears stand. Should I wait until she is a bit older or should I start now? Also, can...
  4. Ears Up??????
    I have a 5-month german showline who is 5 months and is 52 pounds even though he's very skinny. In the last 2 months, his left ear and right ear have gone up and down twice. Now his right ear is almost 90 degrees up where the left ear is down but not floppy. Should I worry? or what can I do? I...
  5. Ears Up??????
    So I got a GSD from a good breeder, mom and dad were stunning dogs absolutely massive looked very healthy and were trained for all sorts of work. That being said my pup is 6 months old on the dot. He has finished teething I think and his ears are for the most part flopped. He went from ears...
  6. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    This is my boy Niko, 16wks old. His left ear is up one day and down the next. Ah, ear phases! Lol —
1-6 of 6 Results