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  1. Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    After reading some threads about funky ears, and with Charlie's 1st birthday quickly approaching, I begin to feel myself longing for the tiny, flappy eared landshark phase again, even with all the accidents in the house and chewed up headphones🙄 So I'm here to show you all of Charlie's wonky...
  2. Ears Up??????
    Hello, We rescued a GSD mix 5 months ago. He is 8 month old now. His ears stand in the morning and when he gets really excited. Other than that, the ears are floppy. We tried taping his ears, but within minutes he had pulled all the material off. Do you think his ears will ever permanently...
  3. Ears Up??????
    Hello Everyone - So glad to have found this forum - especially to read advice from those of you with fellow ear issues! Our puppy is just a little over 6 months old and we have had ear form supports in her ears nonstop for 12 days. Today one fell out and it looks like the ear is standing (it...
1-3 of 3 Results