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  1. Health Issues
    Hi all, My 5 year old Gsd has an aural hematoma on both ears. One side is bigger than the other, so that ear is drooping. His vet prescribed some prednisone to help the ear's blood vessels reabsorb the blood. My concern is that his ear won't go back up, what are your thoughts on this, and how...
  2. Health Issues
    I was wondering if it is ok to trim an adult GSD ear hair . She’s 6 years old and recently began to have a thick patch around the outer ear .
  3. Ears Up??????
    Good morning, Kira is 9 months old. Her ears were already almost up when we brought her home at 10 weeks old. Since that time they’ve been up and down but never up for long. In May when she was spayed the tech told me when they put her under anesthesia her ears popped right up ( the opposite of...
  4. Ears Up??????
    This is our 3.5 month old puppy Delta. Her ears are still not fully up and I read that they should be by 4 months. I just wanted to hear opinions, experiences and tips from fellow GSD owners.
  5. Ears Up??????
    I have the cutest almost 4 month old male german shepherd I'm worried about his ears they have never been up and are on the larger side He weighs around 15 kilograms and is just the best puppy I'll attach some pictures please let me know
  6. General Puppy Stuff
    So i bought a puppy. He is 1 month and 10 days old. And both ears are lifted up. And his paw is about 3 of my fingers. So from the guy i bought he told me that he is 1 month and 10 days old and double coat. So i dont know much about gsd puppy. So kindly guide its normal for 1 month gsd puppy to...
  7. Ears Up??????
    Hello, My baby girl is now 6 months but her ears are still incredibly flappy. There have been very short occasions (couple hours) when they've been somewhat up in the past but never for a full day. She's pretty much done (I think) with adult teeth as well. Anyone else experience this because...
  8. Health Issues
    Hi everyone! So I have a (75-80lb) 7 year old German Shepherd that seems to have an ear infection. I have already set an appointment for him to be seen but the date is not as close as I would like it to be for him to be seen (01/19). I'm still trying to call other veterinarians for a closer...
  9. Health Issues
    Has anyone ever noticed an odd looking crinkle in their GSD's ear cartilage before? Mine isn't the type to scratch his head vigorously or head bump our other dog, but I recently noticed this weird crinkle in his ear. When I tried taking a closer look he kept trying away so I wouldn't touch it...
  10. Health Issues
    Hey! Ive posted on here a few times in the past few days so my apologizes. Anyways, my puppy has been running sideways and it’s been weird so we took her to the vet and she got diagnosed with HD. Crazy because she’s only 12 weeks old. We decided to leave that vet and go to a different one and...
  11. Ears Up??????
    Hello gsd lovers ! This is my puppy Roki , he is 5 months and 1 week old , his right ear never was up should i tape it or its normal ? When he lift his head up sometimes his ear stand, ill show some pics. And i want to know what color is he , bicolor or blanket backed ?
  12. Ears Up??????
    I’ve tried everything spare taping/gluing... This floppy ear has been the bane of my existence for months. It’s wider and taller than the other one, not very thick, and only stands sometimes (walks, training, play). I don’t want to have to get involved but at 6mo old I fear the window is...
  13. Ears Up??????
    Okay so... Niko is 18wks old today. He has one ear up. It’s soft, but it’s been up for weeks. And one ear half floppy. He’s in the middle of teething. I know that while teething the ears do a dance, so I expect at some point for his current “up ear” to go down. His other ear has never once gone...
1-13 of 13 Results