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  1. What is a German Shepherd’s Life Expectancy?

    General Information
    According to a health and wellness study carried out by the Kennel Club in the UK in 2004, the average lifespan for the German Shepherd is 10.95 years. The type's life-span is estimated to be regarding the same in the United States (11-13 years). This is common for canines of this size.
  2. Got her breed results

    Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
    The results shocked me!! I definitely thought gsd, lab, and ace but would never have guessed the rest.
  3. Leash Training

    How do I (teach my dog to)?
    Hello, I have a 11 week old german shepherd puppy. We will start to take him out on walks in about a month, when he is 16 weeks old, and we want to train him to walk on the leash. However, whenever we put the leash, he keeps tugging and chewing at it. I have tried looking at videos to train him...
  4. Hello Dog lovers!! Want some suggestions pls help

    Favorite Links, Books and Videos!
    I am Tissa from Australia Suggest me some good websites to buy Dog food and other pet supplies in australiya.
  5. German Shepherd Daily routine help

    General Puppy Stuff
    Hello, Recently my family have been finding it slightly difficult to set in stone my dogs needs. I’d really appreciate some advice from some experienced shepherd owners on how to deal with this. My brother has been home this year after leaving university and I believe he’s accidentally...