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  1. Choosing A Breeder
    Hi Everyone, I’m fairly new to this forum and come from a country (Malaysia) where good breeders are present, but mostly do imports and purchases of pregnant bitches for sale. The average pricing for a German Shepherd here ranges from MYR 3000 (750USD) till MYR 8000 (2000USD) for all I know. The...
  2. Choosing A Breeder
    We are in search of a DDR/Czech breeder in the Southern Indiana area but are certainly willing to travel within a day’s drive. Apprecrate any recommendations. Thanks!!
  3. Choosing A Breeder
    Hi Forum, I am looking for a healthy puppy, working line dark/black sable male, high food and ball drive, good temperament outside training, to eventually do some Schutzhund work together. I am no expert, my last dog was a dogo argentino but I love the DDR east german strong built look, I...
  4. Choosing A Breeder
    Hello, I’m wondering if anyone knows of any DDR breeders breeding dogs with breed worthy working titles, correct temperament and structure? Working titles such as; IGP (Schutzhund - BH or higher), WDA, PSA, Higher than a basic Herding instinct title, high level Tracking, Police dogs or Single...
1-4 of 4 Results