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  1. Puppy Behavior
    Hi, So I have a 3m old male and a 5m old female. When they are alone they're fine. But when I'm there, it gets a little intense like idk if they get jealous of one another being really close to me or what... what I mean is when my male follows me around, my female gets near him, barks at him...
  2. General Behavior
    We have a 9 month old GSD/Malinois Mix. We are first time owners but knew exactly what we were getting into, did all research etc. Benji is very well trained and picks things up extremely fast. Especially body language of other dogs, giving space etc. in the local area we have a lot of dogs and...
  3. Aggression (the good, the bad & the ugly)
    I will try and keep a long story short..I have an amazing GSD 2 year old spayed Female and a 10 year old in spayed Shih Tzu. this was my first shepherd and I knew I needed professional help from the beginning to understand the breed, she was wild and everyone in my family had the same holey...
1-3 of 3 Results