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  1. Equipment (how to use/where to find)
    Hello! I am new to this forum... I have been using prong collars for quite some time and I have never come across this issue... I know it is probably blatantly obvious how to get this back together, but the chain part of the collar somehow came apart from the prongs...I CANNOT figure out how...
  2. General Information
    Hi everyone! I posted a few days ago about my foster pup. I ended up letting him go and getting a purebred GSD. Her name is Zara she is 2 and has some IGP training since she will be my IGP dog! Any tips are appreciated. I also want to get a collar embroidered with her name- any recommendations?
  3. Equipment (how to use/where to find)
    Hi, I'm trying to order from the website but I am conflicted with which one I should get for my boy. He has a 17.5 inch neck and weighs about 80lbs. He is 2 years old. I like the black stainless steel. But all the options are saying for dogs with necks in the 20s. Am I missing something?? I...
1-3 of 3 Results