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  1. General Puppy Stuff
    We just got a gsd puppy a month ago and the breeder said that it was a long coat puppy. As a puppy it did look like one but now at 2.5 months of age I'm beginning to dout this. Many people say a long coat has long hair behind ears but ours has some but not a lot. So I wanted to clear this doubt...
  2. The Breed Standard
    I’ve attached pics of Mom, Dad, my baby boy, and his new adult fur growth. So the lady I got my puppy from finally got back to me about some questions I had. Long story short she said the mom and dad are working lines and are active. I have a boy from them named Astro and I was wondering if...
  3. Genetic Issues
    Hello, can someone enlighten me on this result from my dog? I'm still learning this stuff lol Lucas is obviously black & red; but his Embark results says he's atat, which is technically bi-color from my understanding?? Does this have to do with his coat pattern (kyky)? His Embark profile, if...
  4. General Puppy Stuff
    Hello everyone. Loki was added to our family around two months ago. We believe he’s around 5-6 months old. He has lost most of his puppy teeth and his puppy fluff is gone for the most part. I am wondering what type of coat he will have once he’s grown, and I figured this is the best place to...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hello all, I look forward to learning and interacting with you all!
  6. General Puppy Stuff
    Hello everyone! I’ve been reading the helpful entries on this forum for awhile now as I’ve been preparing to get my first gsd since March! He will eventually be my assistance dog (professional training, not my own) but has already done wonderful with simple training and knows to sit, look at me...
1-6 of 6 Results